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Week 6 6/7/20 - 10/7/20

Greetings! Thank you to those children that have sent work in for me to have a look at - it's nice to see that you're having fun doing the activities that I'm setting. Any work that I receive is being forwarded on to to be included in a Celebration Of Learning PowerPoint, so watch out for this. 

Thinkuknow have a set of resources to support parents & pupils with online safety during Covid-19. Below is a link to a set of home activity packs for 8-10 year olds:
Here is a resource from the British Red Cross, which guides parents through discussing racism with their children, to develop their understanding & awareness:
The British Red Cross also have online resources available exploring & promoting kindness (& also a Summer of Kindness calendar activity):


This week, we will be looking at instructions. I would like you to find some different examples of instructions that you might have in your home. Think about what features they have in common & how they might be different. Try following some instructions.

If you can't find any, here are some instructions to get you started:

And here are 2 different sets of instructions for doing the same thing - tying a line between 2 trees: 
Which set of hitch instructions did you prefer? Why? What made them better?
Here is a set of instructions for making a cup of tea:

How can these instructions be improved? Well, they are not in the right order, for a start! Also, some words seem to be missing, & perhaps there need to be more instructions added to the list.


Rewrite these instructions, making them better. Then you could follow them & make everyone a nice cup of tea (or coffee?).

And for your SPAG work, here is a SPAG mat with lots of activities to complete. There are 3 levels of challenge, & the answers are on pages 4-6. No peeking!


There are no Abacus resources allocated this week, as we have come to the end of the plans for the year. Next week, I will set you a revision task to see how you are doing, so in preparation for that, I would like you to pick some areas that you have found challenging & spend some time working on those this week. Also, here are 3 more maths mats with different activities on them. There are 3 levels to choose from - Cool, Warm or Hot, & the answers are on the 2nd sheet:

Arty Topic Type Stuff

I would like you to create a ‘Guide To Class 3’ that you can pass on to one of the children that will be coming into Class 3 in September.

What information do you think that it would be useful for them to know? What have you enjoyed or not enjoyed about your year in Class 3? What will they need to know to survive the dangers of Class 3?

Your ‘Guide To Class 3’ might include:

  • Tips on how to succeed in Year 3.
  • Similarities and differences between Year 2 and Year 3.
  • Rules and routines.
  • A typical day in Class 3.