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Term 4

In history we will continue our quest for evidence about life for the Ancient Maya 1200 years ago! This will link directly to our new geography topic of tropical rainforests. We will be learning all we can about the rainforest environment and asking some key questions, such as: what is the climate like? What animals survive here and why? What are the layers of the rainforest and which plants grow in each layer? We will also be looking at the Amazon River and learning about the features of rivers. We will use all of this information and status as ‘rainforest experts’ to write our very own survival guide! It’s going to be exciting. 


In English we will be we will be exploring the text ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’. We will follow Edward on his journey and appreciate how he changes as a character through the course of the story. We will use the text to write letters home, diary entries, poetry and an autobiography! All these forms of writing will be explored through shared reading, discussion and drama.


In Maths this term, we will be continuing to build upon a range of mathematical skills, including, a week on division, multiplication, place value and written addition and subtraction. Children will be continually encouraged to use all the resources around them and to look for patterns to build up their number sense.  We will continue to apply our skills to solving problems and developing our mathematical language through reasoning.


In DT, we will be designing researching animals that live in the Amazon rainforest and designing, building and evaluating an animal powered by pneumatics.


In science we will be considering plant life and learning the parts of a flowering plant as well as the transportation systems of plants.  A perfect topic to complement the children's Forest School learning.