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Week 5

Week 5 Learning Challenges

'A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be curious and to fight tirelessly for something' - Paulo Coelho


We have now looked at all of the sounds in Phase 3. That's 27 sounds!


Your challenge this week is to recap all of these sounds and see how many of them you can recognise and write by yourself. There will be some sounds that you find easier than others but don't worry, you will get there eventually! When you are writing, try your best to write in precursive, I know it can be tricky but this will really help you in the future. 

You could make up your own game to remember the sounds or make your own flashcards to play games with. 


Here are all 27 sounds that we have covered:



Here are some printable resources to get you started:


Well done for all of your efforts with counting in fives and tens! This week your challenge is to practice counting in two's. This can be quite tricky but there are lots of ways for you to practice. 


First of all, have a chat about odd and even numbers. This leads on well from halving and sharing between two. 



Whisper counting... 
Count to 20 by yourself. 
Count to 20 again, but take turns to whisper a number and then shout  a number... like this:
whisper: 1
shout: 2
whisper: 3
shout: 4
whisper: 5
shout: 6 

You could do this with someone in your house to practice. All of the numbers that you shout should be even numbers - you will be counting in twos! 



Pairs of socks...

Collect 10 pairs of socks from around your house (make sure you ask before you borrow them!) 

Place the pairs of socks next to each other in a row. Stand on the first pair and shout 'TWO', jump to the next pair of socks and count as you go 'FOUR', carry on until you get to 20. Remember, if you get stuck, just count each sock in ones to remind yourself. Make sure you ask your family to join in too, who can jump to 20 the fastest? 

Can you find any other creative ways to count in twos? Make sure to upload a picture or video to show me your ideas! 




Here are some activities for you to have a go at during the week. There is also a story called Hide-O-Sauraus - let me know if you like it!