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Week 4 11/5/20 - 15/5/20

As I mentioned last week, another resource that people may or may not be aware of already is the Collins website, where they have made a huge array of resources freely available. There are a huge number of English and Maths resources, including games, e-books and audiobooks, as well as songs and even language lessons too. Here's the link:


Here is the next installment of 'The Pebble In My Pocket':

Look at the group of people in the last picture. Imagine what life might be like for them. What activities would they do each day? Here are some possible activities that they might carry out:

flint knapping (making tools)

hunting – woolly mammoth, horse, sabre toothed tiger.


making fire

mining for flint



Imagine that you are a person in that group. Can you write a diary about your day as a person living in the Stone Age? Describe some of your activities, as well as your thoughts and feelings about them.

To help you, here are some links to some videos that might inspire you:

Neanderthal Hunters -


Ray Mears - Aboriginal Britain -

Here is a link to some work to practice using apostrophes. In this case, the apostrophes will be showing that something belongs to someone (or something).


This week focuses on drawing and interpreting pictograms and bar graphs with different scales, and on using these to record and analyse data in the context of measuring weights. I have allocated a variety of resources to use for this through Abacus. You will need to follow the link below to log in and access these resources:

Arty Topic Type Stuff

Why not try creating some cave paintings to accompany your diary? Or creating a picture using cupules? Or doing some carving? Here is a link to a website about Stone Age art to give you some more information and give you some inspiration: