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Open Day information for 2021 Reception parents - new PROSPECTIVE RECEPTION PARENTS page

Terms 1 and 2

This term in Class 4 we will be learning about:

  • Place Value, the 4 Operations and Area in Maths
  • Noah Barleywater Runs Away and Erik the Viking in English
  • The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in History
  • Directions and Points on a Compass in Geography
  • Christianity and its link to the Anglo-Saxons/Vikings in RE
  • SCRATCH software and how to create simple Maths games in ICT
  • Throwing & Catching, Striking & Fielding and Gymnastics in PE
  • Mechanical Leverages and Linkages in DT



Two examples of our DT work!

Two children made some lovely Anglo-Saxon houses for their homework!

During Dyslexia Awareness Week, we made flying machines based around the designs by Leonardo DaVinci (who was dyslexic)

Before Christmas, Owen's dad came in and showed us how cool engineering is by helping us make fan boats!

We raced them in the swimming pool!

The Winners!