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Morning Challenge



Theseus and the Minotaur


Read the story using the document below or watch the video:


Use the template provided to create your own mythical Greek beast!


You should consider:

  • The beast’s appearance (what it looks like)
  • The beast’s character (what its thoughts/emotions are)
  • The beast’s habitat (where/how it lives)


*If you have already created a beast for your pick and mix homework you have three choices:

  1. Create another beast and complete the activity as above.
  2. Complete the sheet but for the beast you have already created, it will mean you can add lots more detail because you’ve already had time to think about it!
  3. Challenge yourself to write a detailed description of your beast. What they look like but also their personality and origins. I would expect at least a paragraph with expanded noun phrases.* Have fun my lovelies!


Greek Mythology is full of interesting, unusual and powerful beasts.

Use the information attached about some mythical beasts to design a set of top trumps cards. You may choose to do your own research to create a larger pack of cards, for example, you could find out about Medusa!


Have fun!