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Term 3 Learning Update

Our topic this term is The Victorian Era. We will be looking at social conditions, schooling, clothes and fashion, the Zulu Wars, explorers and possibly inventions if time permits.


In maths we are covering area, volume, adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions, simplifying them, percentages, ratios, factors, prime factors, timetables and rounding (to name but a few!)


Geography takes us to Brazil: we will be exploring the Amazon and visiting the sights of Rio, whilst finding out about life in a favela.

We will also be considering the effects both local and worldwide of deforestation in the Amazon Basin.


In Science we are exploring forces: gravity, lift, air resistance, drag, magnetic force and friction. We will prepare, conduct and write up experiments and may have time to design a bullet train, submarine or aircraft.

Gravity experiment: busy saving an egg from a fate worse than breakfast!