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Term 2

This term we will be finding out about the ‘vicious’ Vikings and their impact on Britain. We will be asking the question, ‘were they really as bad as everyone thinks?’. We will find out about Viking daily life and the impact that they had on Britain and the wider world.  Our fantastic finale will be an afternoon of Tomahawk throwing! :-)


In English we will be reading ‘How to train your dragon’.


In Maths we will continue to study place value, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals and we will be developing our understanding of column subtraction. We will also be applying our skills to solving problems and developing our mathematical language through reasoning.


In computing we will be designing and making a simple Christmas game for year 1. 


In P.E we are learning the skills required to play Hockey. We will also be applying our knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and representing this through dance.