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Week 2

Week 2 Learning Challenges


I hope you all enjoyed the beginning of our new topic all about dinosaurs! I have seen some brilliant learning on Tapestry already, thank you very much if you have shared some of your work with me so far.



Our new phonics sound this week is 'air' 

Another tricky trigraph, this sound usually comes at the end of words just like in: chair, pair, hair and fair

It can also come in the middle of words just like in: fairy, hairy, stairs and dairy
Can you think of any more 'air' words?


Have a go at the 1 minute challenge. Set a timer and see how many times you can write the 'air' word by yourself... did you write it more or less times than last week? 


Here is Geraldine the Giraffe learning the 'air' sound, do you have anything around your house with this sound in too? 


Here is an Alphablocks video, with some sounds in that you might recognise:


Your Phonics challenge this week is to make 'air' snap cards. You could choose 5 'air' words and write them neatly on paper, then draw 5 matching pictures. Turn them all over and take turns with someone in your family. I wonder who will win? 

You could take a photo of your cards to show me on Tapestry or a video of you playing the game. 




In Maths this week we are going to be learning all about shapes. We already know lots about shapes, so your first challenge is to tell somebody in your family ALL of the shapes you know. How many can you think of? Can you draw each shape you know? 


We're going to start by looking at 2D shapes. We call some shapes 2D, this means they are flat shapes, like a picture or a shape made from paper. 

Here are some videos we have used in the classroom to remember the 2D shape names:


If you're feeling super clever, you could even have a go at learning the names of some 3D shapes. This means that they are not flat, they are full and we learn them by looking at real life objects. 

This video will show you some different 3D shapes and their names: 

Have you got anything around your house that is a 3D shape? If you have, you could check them by testing if they can roll or slide on a surface. I wonder which shapes can roll? Do they have anything in common? 


Your Maths challenges this week are:

1. Go for a 'Shape Hunt' around your house or garden. How many different kinds of shapes can you find? You could take a photo of each shape around your house (2D or 3D). 

2. Draw a shape picture. You could use stencils if you have them, or make a colourful pattern using shapes. We were very good at making patterns in our learning before Christmas, remember a repeating pattern means it goes over and over. You might have: blue square, red square, blue square, red square or orange circle, red rectangle, orange circle red rectangle... it's up to you! 

3. Draw each 2D shape from the video and label it. How many sides does it have? How many corners does it have? Which shapes look similar? 



This weeks topic learning is all to do with art. You can have a go at these ideas if you want to, or come up with some yourself.


1. Have a go at making your own dinosaur foot prints! You could draw them, paint them, make them from sticks or cut up a sponge for some paint printing. 

2. Make your own dinosaur using crafty bits and bobs. You could use a paper plate for this or junk modelling from around your house.


Here are some pictures for inspiration but remember, you can make or draw anything you like...