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Term 4 Learning Update

Maths Week.


The Year 3 Mission Impossible challenge was this:


"You would not be able to pick up a bag containing 50,000 paper clips."


Is this true?


How could you work out the answer?

We weighed our pot of 500 paperclips. It weighed roughly 300 grams.

Then we doubled these amounts: 1000 paperclips weigh 600 grams.

We then made these amounts 10 times bigger: 10,000 paperclips weigh 6000 grams.

We knew that 1000 grams = 1 kilogram, so 6000g = 6kg.

We then multiplied these amounts by 5:

50,000 paperclips weigh 30kg.

We weighed children to find out who weighed the same as 50,000 paperclips. Milly does!

Some people thought that they might be able to pick up a bag with Milly in & some people didn't!


On the Maths Trail...

Making Roman numeral dice from nets of 2D shapes...

Maths Week P.E. Only even scores counted towards the team totals!

Designing symmetrical Space Invaders using exactly 20 cubes. Some children made the shape & the colours symmetrical...

We made Mobius strips. A Mobius strip is an amazing shape that only has one side!

We wrote reports on Maths Week for our homework task. Some were very creative indeed!

Maths tablet time.

We have been finding out about the British Isles for our topic this term.

We split into four teams & researched an area of the British Isles. We presented our information as posters & we also presented what we had found out to the class.


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