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Week 1 1/6/20 - 5/6/20

Greetings Class 3! Here we are at the start of Term 6. Let's see what excitement this term will bring.


Firstly, here's a link to an interesting resource:


Here are the login details for our school membership to the National Theatre:

Your access details are:
Username:  7Pf*2Ka#og
Password:  5M)&9Et)z!


This week we are looking at newspaper reports. Here is a link to an interesting news article on the BBC:

I would like you to read the article carefully and answer these questions:

1. What three things do you notice about the headline?

2. Why is the report organised into paragraphs?

3. Can you find an example of a subheading?

4. Who is the story about?

5. What were they trying to do?

6. Where did the story take place?

7. When did the story take place?

8. Can you find an example of a quotation?

9. Why was the photograph used?

10. Why was the caption used?

 11. Why wasn’t the report written in columns?


Here is a link to a follow up report on the same story:

Can you find the headline? Can you find a caption? Can you find a quotation from an eye witness?


Now it's your turn...

I would like you to write a newspaper report to go with this photo.

You will have to imagine what the news story will be.

Think about:

The headline (short and attention grabbing).

The caption (this goes with the photo and gives more information).

The main paragraphs of your newspaper report. You will need to give your reader answers to these questions - Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?.

Also, try to include a quotation from an eye witness (someone who was there). Don't forget to use speech marks when you report what they actually said.

Also, to help you practice using speech marks (or inverted commas), have a look at this: 
I would like you to write a conversation between the two squirrels explaining what has happened.


This week focuses on mental and written addition and subtraction. I have allocated a variety of resources to use for this through Abacus. You will need to follow the link below to log in and access these resources:



Arty Topic Type Stuff

This week I am setting you a challenge that relates back to our Roman topic. Can you remember which plant was brought to our country by the Romans, which they used to make cloth from?


Follow the link below to find out more about this very useful plant:


And follow this link to find out how to make it into string:


Who will successfully make string from this plant?