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Term 4

Jungle Fever!

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Jungle Fever


One Day on Our Blue Planet is our first text. We will be planning, writing and performing poems based on a trip around the Savannah. We will be using special vocabulary for groups of animals. We information sentences about animals found in the Savannah and the Jungle. We will write a poem about animals movements based on the ‘er’ diagraph. We will also be writing information sentences about the Jungle.



In Art and Design we will be making patterns in the style of Henri Rousseau. In Science we will research and identify animals and plants found in the jungle, also observe seasonal change and weather. In music we will be composing music inspired by the rainforest. In ICT we will be pprogramming a beebot around the jungle. In Design Technology we will be preparing healthy snacks to eat at the jungle café. In Forest Learning  and Global we will be Identifying plants and learning about endangered animals. In Geography  we will discover where jungles can be found in the world.

Our Rainforest Collages

Making Healthy Fruit Snake Snacks

Programming Beebots around the Jungle