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Week Beginning 22nd June

SPAG mat

High Frequency Words Passage

  • You will need someone else to help you, either an adult or a big brother or sister. Open the file to find the dictation passage. Don’t peek at the words! šŸ‘€šŸ™ˆ Your blank answer sheet is on pages 2 and 3.
  • Ask your helper to read the passage to you, and pause on each high frequency word. You will have a blank line on your sheet where the word needs to go. Write the word in the blank space. At the end of the activity, ask your helper to mark your work. Count up a total of the high frequency words that you wrote correctly. Practise any words that you got wrong. You could write them lots of times and see how many you can write in a minute, then race against someone to see if they can beat you. You could make up a rhyme or mnemonic for each word using the letters (like ‘big elephants can always understand small elephants). If you like you could practise them on the look, say, cover sheet.

Take your time with this, there are a lot of questions to get through!

Please complete the questions independently. If you need help reading the questions, ask someone to read them to you out loud.