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Term 3

The Land of the Rising Sun


Konnichiwa! Welcome to our topic on 'The Land of the Rising Sun'. This term we are learning all about Japan.

So far we have learnt to have simple conversations with each other - in Japanese! We can say good morning/good afternoon, how are you?, thank you and our age.

We will be continuing to learn lots of Japanese words and phrases throughout the topic. We have even learnt how to write our names using Japanese Katakana.


What we want to find out:

Class 2 have thought about what they want to find out about Japan, and have put together some questions to research. These include:


- What do Japanese people like to eat?

- What do Japanese houses look like?

- What do Japanese people wear?

- What is it like at school in Japan?


Keep checking back for updates on our journey through Japan.


Japanese Kanji Calligraphy