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Morning Challenge

The Alchemist’s Letter

TASK 1: Complete the Bronze-Silver-Gold vocabulary sheet. Use a thesaurus or use WordHippo  to help you find alternatives. Remember, it is not about the length of the word, it is about being as specific as possible to enable your reader to visualise what you are describing.


TASK 2: Watch the film "The Alchemist’s Letter"  Watch it again and focus on the machine. Complete the second sheet, ‘The Alchemist’s letter notes’ using the headings in each box to help develop your ideas.


TASK 3: Write a description of the machine. Focus on using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases and relative clauses. Be as specific as possible! The more detail you add to your description, the more appealing your sentences will be to the reader. Maybe you could record yourself reading your description? Or even draw some of your own images to go alongside it?

Ancient Greek Masks

1. Follow the link and watch the video and learn a little more about the theatre in Ancient Greece.

2. Look at the selection of Greek masks featured within the document above, can you identify the emotions? The masks were often brightly coloured with exaggerated features e.g. Large eyes, large nose and mouth. This allowed the faces to be seen by all the people in the theatre, even those sitting in the back rows.

3. Can you create the emotions from the masks? Use a family member to help you, look at your facial features. Discuss how you would make this on a mask.

4. Use the design sheet to plan 4 potential masks designs, think about the information and examples you have looked at!

5. Choose a final design and draw or make your mask! I do not mind what you use!