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Term 4 Learning Update

2018 Term 3 & 4 Learning Overview

The Prefix Film

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We have been looking at non-chronological information reports on Ancient Egypt. We looked at common features & reviewed how good we thought some of the information books are. We are using the information books to research our Ancient Egypt Uncovered topic.

Visiting The British Museum!

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Here are some highlights from our visit:

The pupils were asked to write a diary entry about their visit to the British Museum.

Dear Diary

On Wednesday 7th March 2018 I visited the British Museum with Class 3 from Kemsing Primary School. I hoped it was going to be fun and exciting and I was right. I had the best time!

I loved the coach journey because it was quiet and everyone was sensible.

I enjoyed drawing all of the different Egyptian objects in the numbered cases. I learnt about canopic jars and that there are still mummies in some pyramids!

The most memorable part of my day was looking at the mummies in the sarcophagus. That was fun!

My experience will help me with my Egyptian topic as I now know more about what they put in their tombs when they died.

If I went to the British Museum again I would like to go with my family and spend more time looking at the Egyptian jewellery.

I would recommend the Museum to anyone aged 8 or over.

By Millie.





Dear Diary,

In the morning at 8.15am we set off to the British Museum. My partner for this trip was Mark and I was so so sooooooooooo excited. I couldn't wait to see what it was like.


When we got there we sorted out our groups and went off to find the Rosetta stone. When we found the Rosetta stone we realised that all of the answers were upstairs. So off we went and the Egyptian rooms were in room’s 61, 62 and 63, so we went into room 61 then 62 and we saw something gross which was a sand burial and a coffin burial. This was gross because you could see its rotten flesh and bottom!!

Our group was whining about when it was lunch time, including me! When it was lunch time everybody was relieved and then we went to the secret gift shop and we got back on the coach and went back home. We got back at 4 00pm. I was thinking…

..IT WAS FUN!!!!!! YEAH!!


I would recommend the British Museum experience to my Aunty Jess because she doesn’t know a lot about Egyptians.

The best bit about the school trip was seeing all the Egyptian stuff.

The most memorable bit was seeing the Rosetta stone and the sand burial and that was gross!!!!


By Jake



Dear diary,

On Wednesday 7th March 2018 I visited the British Museum with class 3 from Kemsing Primary school. When I got on the coach I felt really excited. It took about 3 hours to get there, but when we got there I was so excited.

My group went straight to the Rosetta stone. We were all amazed at how big it was, compared to the pictures that we got from school. Then we had these questions to answer. We went to the mummies and one of my group got freaked out so, she looked away.

I liked the mummies the best. I learnt that a mummy in sand is better than in a wooden box. When a mummy is in a box it comes in separate parts, but when it is in sand there's still some hair and the body doesn't separate.

After the mummies we had lunch and that was the best bit of the day. After that we went to the shop and I got a Tutankhamun magnet and then we finally headed back to school and it also took about 3 hours.


By Kaitlyn


Spring is coming - whatā€™s in the pond?

The Great Class 3 Ancient Egypt Quiz!

Class 3 have used information reports to write quiz questions to test your knowledge about Ancient Egypt.


You can use the web address below to access the quiz:

On Tuesday 27th March some parents & carers joined Class 3 to celebrate the end of our 'Ancient Egypt Uncovered' topic.
We finished with our Kahoot Quiz. Here are the results: