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Term 2 Learning Update

Term 2 is an exciting time in Year 5. Our learning is focused around 2 key areas

  • Ancient Greek Myths and Legends
  • Space

Other interesting topics the children have enjoyed so far are Elizabethan Drama, Rugby and Basketball.


The Key Stage Two celebration of Christmas will be on Thursday the 10th of December at 2.30pm. A chance for you to watch Year 5 along with the rest of Key Stage 2 perform celebrate Christmas.


In Design Technology we will be making Ancient Greek Temples and designing vases. We will base our designs on research and use a range of techniques to create our final products.
Sparta VS Athens: it's all kicking off!!! We staged a battle between the two Greek city-states, trying out different tactics to break each other's phalanx. No casualties were recorded...

Odysseus has seen off the Cyclops, the Laestrygonian man-eaters, Scylla the Many-Headed, Charybdis the Whirlpool and the blissed-out Lotus-Eaters - but can he make it past the Sirens in one piece? Only time will tell...

Today (Friday 18th November) we escaped to the Great Yonder (the playground) to use our newly-acquired mathematical skills, measuring the area of squares, rectangles, even circles!