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Science – Creating classification keys

Classification means to group similar species together. There are millions of different species living on our planet - different types of plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria. In order to learn more about them, it is necessary for scientists to sort them into groups. Classification makes identification easier and is based on grouping things by looking at similar observable characteristics.

This is important so that people all over the world understand which, animal, plant etc. is what.  Scientists, especially when carrying out joint international research, need to ensure that they are all talking about the same thing.

Classification of an individual species (in this case a Grizzly bear, looks like this:

This example is quite complicated but shows how scientists classify species.


Watch these clips from Bitesize which are an overview to classification.


Your task is to create your own classification key, this could be of leaves, insects, sweets (Haribos are good to use).  Here are two exampes, one using liquorice allsorts and the other, leaves.



Good luck!