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Week 6


Well done for all of your effort with Phonics on Tapestry. Your reading and writing looks fantastic!

Our blends this week are: bl, fl, gl, pl, cl

Work your way through the slides and practice each sound. Can you think of any other words with these sounds in?

Here are some extra Phonics activities to keep you busy:


One more and one less:

Now that you are superstars at counting, it’s time for a challenge! You can do this by choosing random number cards or asking an adult to tell you numbers.

First of all, decide if you are going to say ‘one more than’ or ‘one less than’. Ask your adult to call out a number e.g. 7, your job is to say which number is one more/less than as fast as you can. Try to do this without looking at a number line!


Number sentences:

How many different number sentences can you make which equal 5? Or 10? Or 20?

You can show your number sentences using pictures, numbers or objects.



Have a go at these problem solving activities:

(there are lots to choose from)



Here are some maths activities to keep you busy:


It has been wonderful to see all of your life cycle videos – I’m still working on getting them uploaded to their own page, it’s been a bit tricky! But keep your eyes peeled…


Your topic challenges this week are about all of the minibeasts! First of all, I would like you to make a list of all the minibeasts you can think of. This can be a list of their names or a page full of pictures you have drawn.


Here are some minibeasts activities to keep you busy this week:

Your final challenge this week is to choose ONE minibeast and make a fact poster all about it.

Can you include…

  • What it’s called
  • A labelled drawing
  • Where it lives
  • What it eats
  • How long does it live
  • How many types (species) are there
  • Any other facts you find out!