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Week 3 15/6/20 - 19/6/20

Hello Class 3!

I think that I may have directed you to this resource before at Canterbury Museum:

If you follow this link, you will find a quiz on the Romans & another on Ancient Egypt. I scored 9 out of 10 on the Roman quiz, & 7 out of 10 on the Ancient Egypt quiz. See if you can beat my scores!


This week I would like you to write your own newspaper report. This could be based on real life events or completely made up. It could even be some imagined news from the future! If you are struggling for inspiration, I have added some photos below, which you could use to start you thinking by trying to imagine a story that could go with one of the photos.

Here is an example of a news report that I have written:

In my example, I have used a catchy headline to grab the reader's attention.

I have organised my report into paragraphs.

The first paragraph tells the reader when the news happened, who was involved, what happened and where it happened. 

Underneath the picture, a caption provides more information.

The next paragraph provides more information from someone who was actually there (an eye witness). I have used speech marks to include the actual words from the eye witness.

The final paragraph explains what has happened next.


I would like you to follow a similar format in your news report.

To help you set your news report out correctly, here is a blank news report:

This week I would like you to develop your understanding of prepositions. Here is a link to a website that will help with this:

Here are some activities to practice using and understanding prepositions (Part 2 next week!) :
And here are the answers, if you're not sure!


This week focuses on developing understanding and vocabulary of shape and angle, including measuring perimeters; and on telling the time 5, 10, 20 minutes later using am/pm and 24-hour clock.. I have allocated a variety of resources to use for this through Abacus. You will need to follow the link below to log in and access these resources:


Below is a screen shot of the resources that I have allocated this week. The allocated resources have been ticked.

Arty Topic Type Stuff

This week I would like you to think about what it's like to live near a volcano. Here are some links to some interesting videos about volcanoes:


After watching the videos, can you decide what the pros & cons of living near a volcano are? Sort the list below into pros and cons:

And finally...

Imagine that you are living near a volcano and you've been warned that it is about to erupt. You must evacuate, but what would you take?