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Summer Term

This term we are learning all about the Ancient Greeks. We will be using different sources to find out about what life was like in Ancient Greece, and carrying out research into key questions including 'Why did Athens become so strong?' and 'What was life like in Ancient Greece for women?'. 

We will be considering aspects of life including food, daily routines, warfare, religion, politics (including the origins of democracy), architecture, sport and leisure. We will be considering how Ancient Greek's legacy can still be seen today, and making informed choices backed up by evidence to argue our opinion of the most important things the Greeks did for us.

Our geography and art lessons this term will focus on these areas of Ancient Greece, alongside some up-to-date analysis of Greece's geographical features and their influence and impact on its economy.

In Science lessons we will be learning about animals, plants and humans, and finding out about how living things change and reproduce throughout their lives.