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Morning Challenge

Sports Week!

Persuade me to visit Ancient Greece!


I'm really hoping that the writing activity for this week is really fun for you! This week’s task is to persuade someone to visit Ancient Athens or Sparta.


There are many different ways to persuade someone to visit somewhere:

- A brochure or leaflet

- Do it on paper and take photos or on word processor and upload it.

- A TV or radio advert - write a script and then get cracking recording!

- A TV travel show

- Tell us all about the wonders of Athens as you stroll around the ancient citadel taking the viewers on a tour of what you can see.

- A speech - pretend to be on the Council of Athens in charge of raising funds and spreading the word about the glories of Athens to the outside world.

- A travel blog or vlog - imagine you are visiting Ancient Athens and telling us all about how wonderful it is either as a blog on a website or a video blog (a ‘vlog’).

- A letter - write a persuasive letter to someone in Sparta trying convince them to visit/move to Athens.


You can find a knowledge organiser on Ancient Greece above to give you some key facts, but you may need to complete further research e.g. BBC Bitesize. I cannot wait to see what you do!


Miss Vale :)

Flower reproduction- science challenge!

A couple of weeks ago I set you the challenge of labelling the parts of a flower, this week we're going to take things one step further!

Can you go outside, either in your garden or on a socially distanced walk, and find a flower that you think is particularly interesting? Maybe it’s a type of flower you have never seen before! šŸ™‚

I would love for you to sketch the flower you find and label the different parts (use the attached Knowledge Organiser to help with this). Really focus on finding the different parts of the flower in front of you and drawing them accurately. If you would like, you can use the image you created a few weeks ago.

Then, can you research and find out the purpose of the different parts of the flower you have drawn? In particular, I’d like you to focus on the process of reproduction and how the different parts of the flower are involved in this.