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L.O Writing to Persuade

I would like you to produce a piece of writing based on the trial of Charlie Peaceful. 
The finished piece needs to be at least one side of A4 for each argument.  You can hand write it or use the computer.
You need to consider the two sides of the story and persuade me with reasons why Charlie Peaceful is guilty and should be shot and then why he is innocent and should be set free.
You can do them which way round you wish, you may want to write them side by side to help
Imagine that we could re-try Charlie for his crime of staying with Tommo, that you could be at the trial of Charlie Peaceful. 
Remember in the book no one spoke up for Charlie. If you had the chance to be there for Charlie what would you say to defend him?  What would you say against him? (the prosecution).
You must plan your work first – using the blank spider-gram provided.
You can use a reason for and against e.g his home life.  How Charlie always protects everyone and takes a beating for Tommo at school BUT then how he was mean to his brother Joe by feeding him rabbit dropping.
Think about how different characters in the book view Charlie. People who are against Charlie: Mr Munnings, Grandma Wolf, the Colonel, Hanley. 
This task would normally have taken us two weeks of English lessons (at least 10 hours).  We would have spent at least 3 hours discussing, role-playing, planning and filling our spider-grams with evidence.
Then we would have spent at least 4 hours drafting the piece in rough.
Finally we would have checked it through for spelling and punctuation before spending the last two hours copying it carefully out or typing it.


Power point task - Writing to persuade

Blank Spider-gram