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Visions and Values


“Learning and Growing Together”



Mission Statement


Kemsing Primary School is committed to providing a safe, caring, healthy and well-structured learning environment. We will promote high standards, enjoyment, wellbeing and achievement for all. Everyone in the school community will be valued as individuals and encouraged to be successful citizens and lifelong learners.


Vision Statement


At Kemsing Primary School everyone feels safe, included and valued. All members of the school community aim high and are proud of their achievements and those of others, in all aspects of school life. Everyone makes progress and feels that learning and school are fun.

Relationships are based on honesty, trust and respect. We value each other as individuals. There is a strong sense of belonging and identity in the school and wider community.

Children and adults take advantage of all possibilities for learning. Essential life skills are developed through first-hand experience to enable them to become lifelong learners. Learning meets everyone’s needs for the future and enables them to become successful, happy and contributing members of society.




Our core values are Kindness, Determination, Trust, Positivity, Creativity and Teamwork. 

Each class worked together with West Kent Youth to explore the meaning of a particular value.  Year 6 and Reception worked together as buddies on this project.  

Classes produced a range of images to symbolise the meaning for them behind each value.  Then artists at West Kent Youth identified common themes in the children's work and created graphic designs that were then amended and selected by our School Council.

We held a competition in school for the choosing of a colour to symbolise each value.  These were the winning colours chosen and reasons given:


Winning reasons






Being kind brightens someone’s day



You can fill the colour white with all the other different colours



It is the colour of the school uniform and we all work as a team


Dark Orange

It is the colour of oranges and you have to be determined to peel an orange without squashing it



The colour of trees, which are strong and always there, so I can trust them


Light Orange

It is bright and makes you believe in staying positive


We worked together with children and staff to rewrite our school rules to reflect our school values.  This further cements the meaning of these values for our children as they become the language referenced in praising children and in reflecting on our actions.