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Term 2

Our new topic is called Ready Steady Build!


We are going to be builders and architects this term. We are going to designing and making structures out of different materials in DT. In Science we will be exploring everyday materials, what they are used for and their properties. In Geography we will be using specific vocabulary to talk about houses and homes. In ICT we will be making road safety stop animations and in PE we will be following a dance series about building.

We have been testing different building materials to suggest to Jack for building his house. We tried plastic, wood, cardboard, mud and sand. Then we tested them with water. Here are the results.

Building Test Zone

Arcitcect Visit

We had a visit from an Architect. He answered lots of questions we had about designing and building houses and other structures. He also showed us special drawings on his computer of a house and also a 3D model of a famous building. We had a great time!

Builder Visit

We also had a visit from a builder. He answered all our questions about how to build houses and explained all the different jobs builders have. It was great fun. We even got these high visibility vests to take home!

We went on a walk to notice the changes in nature at the start of Autumn.

We used leaves to make art like Andy Goldsworthy. What do you think they are?

In RE we have been learning about a celebration meal that Jewish people take part in called the Shabbat and why it is important.

We made celebration tables from celebration we have been too. Can you work out what celebrations they are for?

Celebration Tables

We dressed up in spotty accessories and donated money to Children in Need! See if you can SPOT us?

Our Design Technology Buiding Project