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Term 2

Into the unknown...Part two!


This term we will be continuing our quest to discover more about the amazing explorers that have deepened our understanding of the world around us. We will be writing biographies and discussing their discoveries of extreme environments.


In Geography we will be studying rivers. We will consider their structure and the differences between their upper, middle and lower courses. Crucially to the children’s understanding of the world today, we will consider why people choose to settle nest to rivers and how they shape the land around them.


In English we will explore the genre of dystopian fiction linked to our geography, through the text Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. This book will enable us to explore exciting setting descriptions, poetry, diary writing and persuasive speeches. It will also hopefully engender fruitful discussions around climate change and how would they cope in such a future, what decisions would they make and what would happen to our society?


In Maths this term, we will be continuing to build upon a range of mathematical skills, including, place value; multiplication and division and mental addition and subtraction. We will also be spending a week considering the angles and another covering decimals and fractions. We will continue to apply our skills to solving problems and developing our mathematical language through reasoning.


In science we will be considering forces and how they act within the world around us. What is gravity and how does it work? What would it feel like to live in space? How does friction help us to travel? These questions will all lead into our DT lessons for this term where we will be constructing balloon buggies to help develop our understanding.


In P.E this term we will be continuing to focus on health and wellbeing and will take part in ‘Fitness Wednesdays’.  We will also be lucky enough to receive professional sports coaching on Monday afternoons.



Today, Class 5 began their new geography topic by using range  of sources to investigate rivers. We looked at artistic representations, photographs, poetry, facts and figures and key vocabulary. We discussed how each of these sources could give us information and teach us about how rivers work and what they mean to people. 


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