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Physical Education


At Kemsing, we believe that Physical Education (PE) is essential to ensure that children attain good physical health and mental well-being, whilst imprinting them with a love for sport. We strive to teach a high-quality curriculum that motivates every child to actively engage in a wide range of competitive sports whilst also expanding their life skills. We encourage success and failure on an individual and team basis but also emphasise respect and responsibility which are some of our school values that will help them flourish and grow as people. The opportunities we provide internally but also the activities we do outside of school help build each unique characteristic the children have.  In doing so, helping each child to reach their sporting potential, and allowing them to shine.  


Our PE curriculum is taught using the 'PE Planning' scheme which is aligned with the expectations of the National Curriculum while also enabling our teaching staff to develop their subject knowledge. Using this scheme of work alongside our progression of skills and knowledge documentation, teachers adapt their lessons to meet the needs of their class whilst having an understanding of what is expected for all pupils by the end of the year.  Pupils participate in two high-quality PE lessons each week: one with their class teacher and another with an external teacher.  Being part of the Sevenoaks Partnership of Primary Schools, we invite the children to attend sports events in the local area. So far, we have attended a ‘Change 4 Life Sports Festival’ and an ‘Alternate Sports Festival’ with more events planned to attend later in the academic year.  

Progression of Skills and Knowledge in Physical Education