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Week 6

Week 6 Learning Challenges

"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it from you"

- B. B. King


We are now ready to start Phase 4! 

There are no new sounds to learn in Phase 4, instead we put together single letter sounds that we already know, to make new sounds and we call them blends. We 'blend' two sounds together. 


The first two blends we are going to look at are 'st' and 'nd'.


Have a look through the powerpoint below to see the activities for these two sounds this week. 


Remember, it's always a good idea to recap all of the sounds you know!


In Maths this week we are going to be recapping time and the days of the week. We started to tell the time at o'clock right before half term and you were all amazing at it! 


Your first task this week is to name all of the days of the week by yourself. You could do this by learning a song, a rhyme or in anyway you like! I would love to see some videos of you saying or singing the days of the week on Tapestry. 


Here are some videos to get you started: (a favourite in Reception Class - I think it's because of the shouting part!)  (Addams Family version) (CBeebies playlist)



Your second task this week is a bit trickier... 


Have a look at this interactive clock: 


With some help from an adult, have a go at making each o'clock time. Once you have had a go, ask your adult to give you an o'clock time and see how fast you can make it. Remember, the big minute hand is always at the number 12 when it is an o'clock time and the small hour hand points straight to the o'clock time! 


Draw a picture of each part of your day, using labels like 'morning', 'lunch time', 'afternoon', 'dinner time' and 'bed time'. Make sure to write the time next to your picture e.g. Lunch Time is 12 o'clock. 


Your final Dangerous Dinosaurs topic task is a bit more than usual, so this may be nice to do over half term next week. 


Your task is to choose your favourite dinosaur and create a project based on it.


For example, you might...

- make a giant replica of your favourite dinosaur with each body part labelled

- make a fact file all about your dinosaur, full of facts and pictures

- create a video presentation telling everyone all about your favourite dinosaur

- create a dinosaur habitat using an empty box 

- create a dinosaur skeleton using different materials


or any other ideas you may have! 


I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I will be sending them to Mr Kilbride, to hopefully be shown in an upcoming virtual assembly!