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Week 1

Week 1 Learning Challenges



The sound we are going to be looking at this week is 'ear'. 

We call this a trigraph because it is made of three letters that all work together to make one sound (remember a digraph has two letters). 

Say this sound 5 times and count on your fingers as you go... 

Practice writing this sound on paper, a chalk board or a whiteboard. How many times can you write this sound in 1 minute?


Here is a video of Geraldine the Giraffe having a go at the 'ear' sound: 

Have you got anything around your house that has the 'ear' sound in?


Your challenge this week is to find 5 things that have the 'ear' sound in.

Can you draw a picture of each thing and write the 'ear' word underneath. If you're feeling extra clever, you could put your words into a sentence! 

Remember to upload it onto Tapestry so I can see all of your hard work. 



This week your math's challenge is to practice counting to 100!

I know that some of you are getting very good at this, so this is a chance to show how much you have learnt already. 


Watch these counting to 100 videos for some help:


Your challenge is to make a counting a snake! I wonder how long it will be? Which number can you count up to? 

I will be very impressed if you manage to make a snake that goes all the way up to 100! 

Have a look at this picture of a counting snake, to give you some ideas... You can make a counting snake in any way you like.

Remember to upload your learning onto Tapestry so I can see your hard work!




Hopefully you have already had a go at thinking of 3 things you already know about dinosaurs! 

If you're not too sure, have a look at this video about dinosaurs from the StoryBots:


Your first topic challenge this week is to find a story about dinosaurs (fiction or non-fiction). This could be a story book at home, a video of a story being read or anything else you can find. Read the story with someone in your family and have a chat about it. Did you like it? Why or why not? 

Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story. Why is it your favourite part? You could write a sentence explaining why you liked/didn't like the story. Remember to upload your learning onto Tapestry so I can see. I'm looking forward to seeing the different stories you find.

Have a look through these two powerpoints all about dinosaurs!