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Week 3 4-5-20 - 8/5/20

This week's possibly useful resource is from Canterbury Museum. They are adding a different creative activity each week, based on objects and artefacts from their collection:

Another resource that people may or may not be aware of already is the Collins website, where they have made a huge array of resources freely available. There are a huge number of English and Maths resources, including games, e-books and audiobooks, as well as songs and even language lessons too. Here's the link:


Here are the next few pages from 'The Pebble In My Pocket':

Can you write an acrostic poem about dragonflies? An acrostic poem starts each line with the letters of a word. Here are some possible words that you could start some of your lines with:










Here are some links to some resources that might help you to get inspired about dragonflies:

The British Dragonfly Society -

Dragonfly in slow motion video -

How do dragonflies see the world video -

The secret world of dragonflies video -

And for those of you that would like a grammatical challenge, let's think about adverbs. Adverbs add more information to a verb, as single words or as part of a phrase. 

Adverbial phrases answer the questions: how, where, when or why.


The kite flew faster than an aeroplane.  (how)

The kite flew over the tall trees.   (where)

Yesterday the kite flew.   (when)

The kite flew because I let go of the string.    (why)


For each sentence, write 4 new sentences adding a different type of adverbial phrase each time.


  1.   The dog barked.
  2.   Mr Adams cried.
  3.   Mr Kilbride walked down the road.
  4.   The Queen climbed the tree.
  5.   I drove my car.
  6.   Mrs Hill saw a butterfly.
  7.   Mrs Brown laughed.


Can you make up any of your own?


This week, the focus again is on multiplication and division. I have allocated a variety of resources to use for this through Abacus. You will need to follow the link below to log in and access these resources:

Arty topic type stuff:

Here is a link to a computer coding project that uses Scratch to create a computer animation:


When you get to the part that challenges you to create your own animation, why not use your volcano painting from last week and create an animated eruption?


Also, you could try to create a stop motion animation film of an erupting volcano.