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Term 1

Magical Me!

Our first topic is all about ourselves.

We will be talking about the things we like and dislike, what we look like, who our family and friends are and what we want to be when we grow up! We will discuss all of the things that make us special and unique. 


Here are some pictures of our first few weeks at school:



We have started to learn letters and the sounds that they make.

Look at these pictures of us practicing for the first time...



Meeting our buddies!

We have had a super busy start to our first term at school. One of the most exciting parts was meeting and getting to know our Year 6 buddies! They have helped us at lunch time, on the playground and played with us in our classroom. 


The children have shown a keen interest in all things superhero related so far this year. So what better story to share with them than Supertato by Sue Hendra. They have been acting out their favourite scenes, dressing up as characters and creating their very own Supertato to take home. We had an invasion of evil peas in the classroom! They tipped our chairs over and left some very upset vegetables behind. Luckily, the children decided to make treasure maps to lead Supertato to the vegetables that were in danger.