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The Governors are a diverse group of volunteers, each bring different strengths and skills but all having a common interest in and commitment to the school, its staff, pupils, buildings and the community of which it forms a part.


Governors are at the heart of how a school operates. How they do their job affects the interests of pupils, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community.


Governors are people who have an interest in the role of schools in society and wish to make a positive contribution to their communities. They have enquiring minds and contribute to the effective running of the school and the educational achievements of its pupils

Meet the Governors


Here is a list of Governors and their roles and the Teams they sit on. Attendance at Governing Body meetings in 2016/17 is noted in brackets below each governor and shows how many meetings they attended against how many they were entitled to attend.


Mr. T. Simmonds



Chair of Governing Body

Chair of Strategy Team

Chair of Resources Team





Mr A. Kilbride 



All Teams


Ms. S. Forret



Vice-Chair of Governing Body

Chair of Learning & Development Team

Vice-Chair of Strategy Team

Mrs. B. Wolfe



Vice Chair of Learning & Development Team

Strategy Team

Mrs. J. Decoine



Resources Team


Miss R. Marshall



Learning & Development Team


Mrs. T. Anderson



Vice Chair of Resources Team

Strategy Team

Mrs. M. Newman



Learning & Development Team


Mrs. S. Sowerby



Learning & Development Team



Mr C Wallbank


Co-opted  Learning & Development Team





Tom Simmonds

I joined the Governing Body in 2006 and am currently Chair of the Governing Body, of the Strategy Team and of the Resources Team. I have over twenty years of experience in the Financial Services and BPS industries gained through consultancy and subsequent operational and MD roles. My experience in business management, together with stakeholder engagement at a senior level in sectors ranging from FTSE 100 companies to public bodies, helps to provide a framework to positively challenge and engage with the school.



Sarah Forret

I have been a Governor at Kemsing School since 2008. I have three sons at the school and I have lived in Kemsing all my life and am pleased to be able to contribute to life in the village. I became a governor as I wanted to take an interest in the local school that my children would hopefully attend. My aim as a governor is to be able to make a positive contribution to the school by building on its strengths. I firmly believe that the school is a happy one, a truly nurturing environment for its local children to thrive in, building their confidence and independence.


Tara Anderson

I am a full time mum to 3 children, who all attend(ed) Kemsing Primary School. Before children, I worked in both politics and investment banking whilst, more recently, I have been kept busy working on our self-build project. I became a governor in June 2015 as I’d been an active member of the PTA for 6 years and wanted to make a contribution to and support the school in a different way. I have a keen interest in education and how it is evolving and wanted to help ensure the school continues to provide our children with an excellent education, whilst caring for their wellbeing and also nurturing their individuality.


Michelle Newman

I graduated from Kingston University with a BA Hons in History. I spent the next 10 years developing a career in Human Resources where I specialised in HR Management for a multinational retailer, a global distribution company and a leading edge Hedge Fund. Since becoming a parent at the school I have taken an active role within school life supporting reading/swimming and class trips, and in particular supporting the Friends of Kemsing School (FKS) where I held the position of Treasurer and class rep for 2 years. Whilst still actively supporting the FKS, I have now committed my passion and skills to further enhance and develop the exceptional teaching and support offered to the children who attend Kemsing School, in my role as Governor. I have two daughters at Kemsing School.


Bridget Wolfe

I have recently become the Vice Chair of the Learning and Development Team and hold the position of Early Years Governor. I have been a Governor since September 2005 and my three children all attended Kemsing. I wanted to stay involved with the school when my son left. As part of my School Improvement Plan duties over the years, I have been responsible for helping set up the Library and helping to improve the Early Years Foundation Area for the Reception Class children.


Sarah Sowerby

I joined the staff of the School in September 2015 as a Teaching Assistant for Year 4. This is my first formal school post although I volunteered in 3 other schools which provided me with insight into different working and teaching practices and enthused me to take up a permanent position. For the previous 33 years I worked as a nurse in a variety of settings, often also caring for children. I also have qualifications in Health & Safety and Business Administration & Management. I am looking forward to my role as Staff Governor and contributing to the school in a different dimension.


Jenny Decoine

I have recently joined the school as a co-opted governor and I have lived in Kemsing since 1986. I first started helping at the school in 2006 and, in 2009, I joined Mr. Abbott in his Gardening Club for the children and we have grown many different plants over the years since then. I am a governor who likes to visit the school and see how the children are doing in their endeavours, seeing them in their lessons as well as at play.


Rebecca Marshall

I teach Reception Class at Kemsing Primary School. I have completed a BA Honours with QTS in Primary Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. I joined the teaching staff of the School in 2015 and have been a co-opted Governor since January 2017. I am part of the School Leadership Team and the English Team.

Role of the Governors

Governors Business Interests

The Chair of Governors, Tom Simmonds, can be contacted via the school.