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Term 3

Roll Up, Roll Up!

The Circus is Here!

Our topic this term is all about the circus!

We will be looking at circuses around the world, from the past to present and the use of animals within the circus over time.



In English, we will be looking at circus stories such as 'You See a Circus, I See... by Mike Downs and 'The Circus' by Van Dusen. We will also be reading and creating our own circus poetry, we will be looking at rhyming words and rhythm.

In Maths, we will be focussing mainly on place value. Partitioning numbers from 11-99 into tens and ones, discussing which numbers are bigger or smaller and ordering numbers using a hundred square.



In Science, our topic is all about plants, trees and things that grow outside. We will be going on a nature walk in our area to observe and discuss the different plants we already know about and some we may not know the names of. We will be recognising the two types of trees, evergreen and deciduous.