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Term 3

Turrets and Tiaras

Our topic this term is all about castles, royalty, dragons, knights and everything in between! We will be reading a range of texts related to these topics such as Prince Cinders, Zog, Princess Smartypants and lots of traditional fairy tales. The children will have lots of opportunities to design and create their own castles, dragons and royal crowns to use in Plan, Learn, Review sessions.

Starting our new topic!

Painting pictures of Knights, Castles, Queens and Princesses!

Working together to design our own crowns and castles!

We have been working together to design and create our own Castles using different materials. The children drew their castles and then used the brown cardboard to create a brick effect. They added moats full of sharks and poisonous fish to scare away enemies, secret passage ways to scary dungeons and thin windows for the archers to shoot their arrows.


This term in Phonics we are continuing to learn Phase 3 sounds. We will continue to work through two or three sounds a week and practice using them in words. We will also be learning to spell tricky words to make our writing more interesting.


Our tricky words this term are...

me, he, she, we, all, they, her, be, you, was, my, are 



In Maths this term we have been learning all about teen numbers. We have been making teen numbers using numicon and counting on from 10. We have also been learning to use the addition symbol (+) in number sentences. We have been adding on 1 more to numbers up to 20 and having a go at writing our own number sentences.