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Spelling Strategies

In Class 5 we have been looking at different ways to approach spelling words. Here are some we have tried and enjoyed.

Pyramid Words

This method of learning words gets you to think of each letter separately rather than as one whole word.

When it is familiar you can then reverse the process so that you end up with a diamond.


Trace, copy and replicate

Write the word larger than your normal handwriting on a piece of paper. Trace over the word and say it at the same time. Next to this you then copy that word. On the next page you replicate the word without looking. Do this until you are confident to write the words without looking.

Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check

Look at the word carefully, especially any tricky part of the word.

Say the word- pronounce it in different ways to make it more memorable.

Cover- cover the word up.

Write- Write the word from memory, saying it as you do so.

Check- check it and repeat until it is correct.


Drawing around the word to show the shape

Each word has a particular shape made by the ascenders and descenders of the letters. Draw around the word making a clear distinction in size. Look at it carefully, specifically the letters in each box, After that write the word again trying to get the same shape.


Drawing an image around the word

Make the word memorable, link it to its meaning and make certain letters stand out.

Words without Vowels

Some words contain vowel graphemes, use this method to focus on remembering the consonant and then the vowel separately.