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Science Week - 14th March 2016


Rainbow Spaghetti

Bouncing Raisins

Mixing sodium bicarbonate and vinegar - watch the explosion!

Balancing balloons by blowing air down a straw

Making cars move using wind power (a hairdryer) and sails

Testing taste buds using apple, carrotts and onion

Using a hairdryer to investigate which objects will float in the air

Floating eggs in salt water

Making quicksand using cornflour and water

Using static electricity to move objects

Magic Potion Making

Eagle Heights Visit

Instant Snow!

Messy Slime

Colour Mixing

Testing Materials - Which is the most waterproof?

Mixing ingredients to make a volcano!

Testing Materials - Which ball is the bounciest?

Making a volcano!
Making eggs float.
Year 1 and 2's Astrodome experience
Making slime!