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Kemsing Library

Kemsing Library 1
Kemsing Library 2
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Kemsing Library 5
Children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 visit the library once a term, with children in Key Stage 2 visiting every 3 weeks. 

Emergency Services

Emergency Services  1
Emergency Services  2
Emergency Services  3
We were very lucky to be visited by Kent Ambulance Service, who taught the children about their role and how they help people within the community.  The children have also learned about fire safety from the Fire and Rescue service, and e-safety from a member of Kent Police.  An e-safety evening was also run by Kent Police staff for parents, to help parents and carers keep their children safe online. 

The Oaks Christmas Dinner

The Oaks Christmas Dinner 1
The Oaks Christmas Dinner 2
The Oaks Christmas Dinner 3
The Oaks Christmas Dinner 4