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Maths at Kemsing

We teach for mastery here at Kemsing. This ensures that children have mastered the skills they need to apply to real-world situations. When children improve and practise their mathematical fluency, they will become more able and confident to challenge themselves and achieve deeper thinking when reasoning and problem-solving.  


We follow the NCETM Ready-to-Progress materials to ensure that children are fully confident with previous learning before moving on to their next steps. We also use the White Rose Primary Curriculum to complement these resources and to add further challenge. We use concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations in our lessons, throughout the school, and follow our calculation policies to ensure consistency across all year groups. 




Progression of Skills

Please use these calculation policies as a guide to how we teach Maths here at Kemsing.

Children are familiar with the strategies and methods shown as we use these frequently in our lessons.

If you are unsure of any mathematical vocabulary or strategies, or are unsure how to support your child with their homework, the calculation policies will give you more information alongside some worked examples.

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