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EYFS Starting School Arrangements

New Entrants Meeting (July)

In July, parents will be invited to attend a ‘New Entrants Meeting’ in the school hall.  This will be an opportunity for parents to meet the class teacher, teaching assistant and head teacher.  The meeting will discuss what the children need (uniform) before September, and skills that they should work on before they start school, as well as the starting school ('settling in') arrangements for September.

All children are invited to attend a 'Stay and Play' session with their parents or a family member on the afternoon of the New Entrants Meeting.  They will visit the classroom and have a chance to explore the Early Years environment, meet their teacher and play with the other children. 


Nursery Transfer (July)

We meet with nursery staff where possible to hand over assessment information regarding your child’s progress, interests and any specific requirements they may have to support their transition into school.  If we are not able to meet with nursery staff, information is posted to us to enable us to build on your child’s progress from nursery quickly and support them well in their first few weeks of school.  Children in St Edith’s Pre-School (which shares the Kemsing Primary School site) visit the Reception classroom in the summer term to get to know their new school.


Home Visits (September)

EYFS staff (Teacher and TA) conduct home visits to all Reception children if possible in September to meet the children in their home environment.  This will give staff and parents a chance to discuss any specific worries, concerns or questions as well as giving staff a chance to get to know your child personally before they start school.  These visits are of course entirely optional and if you would rather meet in school, this can be arranged.  Home Visit appointments are allocated according to location and you will be advised as to your appointment time at the New Entrants meeting. We will do our best to accommodate changes to appointment times if this is necessary, but this is not always possible.


Part Time Weeks (September)

In the first few weeks of school, the Reception children will attend school every morning or every afternoon for two weeks.  This is vital to help the children make friends, get to know their new classroom and gain some independence as adults can give children more support in smaller groups.  You will be advised as to which group your child is in at the New Entrants meeting.


Full Time Weeks

After the two part time weeks, the children will all attend school for the full day.  This is when they will have lunch for the first time and they are welcome to have packed lunch or school dinners.