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Open Day information for 2021 Reception parents - new PROSPECTIVE RECEPTION PARENTS page


At Kemsing we know from first-hand experience that the Internet can be a powerful way to enhance and broaden a child’s education. The teaching and learning in every subject in the curriculum can make good use of web-based material.


However, we also know that the Internet allows access to a great deal of entertainment, information and communication which is not related to school-based learning and that children, being naturally curious, will want to explore and investigate.


Remember that children can and do access the internet without using a traditional computer – smart-phones, games consoles and an increasing range of other devices allow children to get online.This exploration is not necessarily harmful but if unsupervised and unmonitored can result in them encountering inappropriate material or unknown people, which can upset or confuse them or worse.


As a school we recommend that Key Stage 1 and 2 children should always have a responsible adult with them when online. Children in every year group are taught about e-safety to help them stay safe online.


Keeping children completely isolated from the Internet may be tempting but in the long term they will all need to understand the web and how they can use it positively, safely and to their benefit.


As your child’s parent or carer you are in a strong position to help them learn how to avoid potential problems and get the most out of the web. This is a long-term project with a lot to cover.


With this in mind we have collected a range of resources to help you develop your child’s understanding, skill and confidence. We recommend that you have a good look around each site on your own first in order to focus on issues that may be of particular relevance.