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Surface Pro Tablets

We now teach all of our Computing on Surface Pro Tablets. We have a class set of these tablets to be used in a range of lessons; the children use them to type documents, to learn coding, to take pictures and to play on a range of software.  These tablets are primarily used by Key Stage 2.


In the Early Years and Key Stage 1, children learn to code, navigate apps, make stop motion movies and to take pictures and videos using our set of iPads.  These are used in Computing lessons, and each class has a set that are used in the children's play and other lessons such as Maths and Science to support learning in all curriculum areas.

Other Technologies

We also have a range of other technologies to help support learning in all areas of the curriculum.  Beebots are used to learn coding and programming skills, voice recorders develop speaking and listening skills while our Interactive Whiteboards are used daily to support teaching and learning.  In Early Years, the children also use a large scale tablet which is fantastic for exploring a range of apps and learning simple navigational skills.