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Building Learning Power

Being Stuck Is The Beginning Of Learning, Not The End!

At Kemsing Primary School we want to develop children as life-long learners. Children who are able to talk about and value their learning, be resourceful, imaginative and logical, self-disciplined and self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive.

We are using Building Learning Power across the school to help children become more effective and independent learners. Therefore we are noticing and celebrating ‘Super Learning Skills’ across all areas of the curriculum within each class.


These are the four 'Super Learning Skills' of Building Learning Power

Resilience: not giving up.

Resourcefulness:  being able to use a range of learning strategies and knowing what to do when you get stuck.

Reflectiveness:  being able to think about yourself as a learner and how you might be able to do this better.

Reciprocity: being able to learn with and focus from others, as well as on your own.



What does Building Learning Power Look Like in Key Stage One and Early Years?

These are the super learning skills we are looking for.

What Does Building Learning Power Look Like in Key Stage 2?

The four 'Super Learning Skills' go into more detail in Key Stage 2. Above you can see how each skills is divided into specific skills. These are the skills we are looking for.

Building Learning Power Powerpoint